Custom Funko Pop Add-on Extra Large, More Detailed Prop; Not for Individual Sale, Must be purchased with a Custom Pop.

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This is an add-on listing only. You cannot just buy this if you are not also ordering a custom pop from me. It is priced as an add on and no I cannot just make the pet or baby for you. This is because I need to keep my pet stock on hand for the custom pop orders, to which the pets and babies are complimentary accessories. To those ordering this as their pop add-on this is slightly higher than a large prop because of the detail work I have to do to make the pets and babies personalized. It's like its own mini pop. Please have a look at the example photos to see what I mean. If you want to add a pet to your order just purchase this either with your pop order or after and I will make sure I mark it down with your order.